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Safe, Effective, and Eco-Friendly Pesticides Kill Bed bugs!

Bedbugs have recently been making a resurgence into the Washington, DC Metro area after 60 years. A Healthy Home has a simple solution to the problem. Our 1-2 punch of Non Toxic agents eliminates the bugs in many cases within 2 weeks.

Frequently people who call A Healthy Home are concerned that their children or pets may be exposed to potentially harmful pesticides. Our products are a safe non toxic way to kill bed bugs.

Already upset at the disruption that Bedbugs have caused you may become angry when some companies tell you to throw out the mattress or take everything off of the walls, and wash all of contents of the drawers and closets. Our preparation instructions are simple. Because we use Organic Pesticides, in many cases, stripping the bed is enough.

Bedbugs can live for months without a meal, hidden deep in mattress seams, baseboard cracks and clutter near beds. They travel easily, hitchhiking from person to person, city to city. They have turned up in college dorms, government buildings, Google’s offices and even luxury hotels such as the Waldorf-Astoria, which has been sued by guests who say they were bitten at the New York landmark.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently declared Bedbugs a national pest epidemic, and recommended that victims seek professional help to eliminate Bedbugs from their homes.

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A woman brought suit against an hotel for $20 million after waking up with 500 bed bug bites!!

Simple Travel Tips

When you travel, check the corners of your mattress for signs of Bedbugs. Spraying the corners and suitcase with a repellant, like our natural Cedar Oil Spray is very effective. Do not unpack suitcases into the dressers. hanging items in a closet is fine, though. Bedbugs can stowaway in luggage used for vacation or business trips. When you return home, immediately wash the contents of the suitcase, and spray the suitcase with a non toxic insecticide/repellant, such as Cedar Oil. A survey by TripAdvisor of 2200 business travelers found 80% of them worried about Bedbugs at Hotels and 8% have actually experienced them.


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