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Our Treatment for Bed bugs, is effective, safe, and cost-efficient.

Until now, Management Companies have had to rely on Pest Control companies who may be good at treating Cockroaches or Rodents to treat Bed Bugs. Frequently the Bed bugs return and continue to spread. People talk and Blog, which can hurt the reputation of the property and reduce the ability of management to attract new residents.

A Healthy Home uses Organic Insecticides, exempt from EPA registration, and is combined with our proprietary application method to solve your Bed bug problems. Call today to see how A Healthy Home can solve your problem and reduce your operating expenses.

A Healthy Home specializes in Preparing the residence and Exterminating Bed bugs. We have a simple solution that normally won't require residents to throw out their furniture, have all of their clothing bagged or dry cleaned and their lives disrupted by this annoying pest. However, if the preparation needed or required by the property is more extensive, we handle all of the details. No longer do families have to be exposed to toxic pesticides. After several effective treatments, people's health and mental well-being assure your reputation as a Green Property.



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