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Are you Prepared for the Bed bugs, Washington DC !

Bed bugs are infesting more homes and businesses every day across the Washington DC area. To make matters worse, many Washington DC Pest Control companies are charging thousands of $ to kill them. Our price is more affordable. Most companies are using pesticides regulated by the EPA because they can be harmful to people and pets. They require extensive site preparation before they can begin the treatments, including spending hundreds on Dry Cleaning. Since WWII, many pesticides developed for use on Bed bugs have been banned for being toxic, or the Bed bugs are becoming resistant to them.

One Washington, DC Bed bug Pest Control company goes Green

One Washington, DC area company, A Healthy Home is using Cedar Oil and DE to help homeowners and multifamily residential communities fight back with a proven, Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic solution. A Healthy Home specializes in eliminating Bed bugs, and has been for over 5 years. Recent studies at Rutgers University and Iowa University have shown that cedar oil creates a biological response which kills and repels the bugs. They cannot become resistant and according to EPA, its ingredients pose no harm to the environment, our pets or ourselves. Another natural pesticide, DE, is also used to speedily kill all of the Bedbugs.

Although Bed bugs bites are not normally harmful, most people become allergic to the bites just as the Bed bugs have established their colony in your home. These bites then leave itchy bumps or welts that can last 1-2 weeks without treatment. The bugs themselves can establish nests by hitchhiking on the clothing of the residents, so that within 2-3 months most if not all of the rooms are infested. Our treatment works to break the hatching cycle and then kill all of the eggs and baby bugs. We do not require the Draconian preparations that most people see on the internet. Since we don't use any harmful chemicals, you can be Bedbug free without having to remove and wash all of your clothing and belongings in the closets and drawers. Our simple preparations of de-cluttering the room and stripping the beds is all that most people need to do.

A 1993 report from the National Academy of Science found that children are more sensitive than adults in both their potential for exposure to pesticide residues and the potential for negative health effects following exposure.  Children’s behavior may put them at risk. They crawl and  play on floors and in areas that may have been sprayed with pesticides. Small children also frequently put things in their mouths.  These factors taken together, suggest that children are more at risk than adults when it comes to pesticide exposure.

The watch word in any treatment for bedbugs is persistence. The bugs have a bad habit of returning even after the most seemingly effective treatments. So, don’t be surprised if follow-up (which is included in the price) is necessary. Even one laying female left alive can re-infest your home in a matter of weeks. Don’t give up; many people are now free of the shame and torment of scratching, sleepless nights, constantly washing clothing, and buying new beds. Bedbugs can be eliminated without compromising your family’s health, or
refinancing you home.

A Healthy Home has a guaranteed effective, safe method for defeating the Bed Bugs which are overrunning our area. Contact David Hersh at 240-351-6604 or email him at davidh@ahealthyhomeinc.com


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