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Customers Feedback


David was one of two consultations I had arranged to get rid of my bed bugs problem and I was sold by the idea that I didn't have to empty my guest room of all that was in the drawers and closets! I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the use of non-toxic pesticides but hey- I swear by them now! After only 2 treatments my bed bugs are gone! It was a very painless and easy process that has me feeling relieved and not-itchy finally! I should mention that our first treatment was done the week before I was having a baby and the second treatment was done with a newborn and my other two kids home and it was still a seamless operation! I would highly recommend David and a Healthy Home!

(I didn't even mention this but the cost was considerably lower than the other company I was going to use!



After months of suffering what I believed to be mosquito bites, then additional months of denial and dread, I called A Healthy Home. I was distraught and desperate (no exaggeration). Mr. Hersh (Owner of A Healthy Home) listened patiently and responded by setting an appointment for the very same day! A Healthy home eradicated the bed bugs!!! They were prompt and thorough in keeping every written and verbal promise. I am most grateful for their integrity. I was very desperate and vulnerable when I contacted A Healthy Home and it would have been easy for someone to take advantage of my situation. However, A Healthy Home provided a much needed service at a reasonable, fair price. I recommend A Healthy Home, without reservation.

-Sylvia L.

Thanks to Dave and Greg for helping get rid of these bugs (or at least helping stop the bites!) We tried using the DE ourselves and failed misserably. The key to getting rid of the bugs is consistency in treatment and that's what A Healthy Home offers. Everything about the treatment and cost were explained upfront. They checked in weekly after the initial dusting and oil fogging treatment to see if we were still getting bit and made follow-up visits as necessary. The fogging smell isn't bad but the dust from the DE does make your skin very dry. The prices are very reasonable and you can't beat the warranty.  This was the best option for us considering we have pets and a newborn. Hopefully we won't have to use them again  but after learning from Dave how easily there transferred, we'll keep Healthy Homes number handy.


-Casey S.

Just a quick thank you for you're service! Our home was previously treated for bed bugs by two separate companies. Each time the bugs returned. After the very first treatment from A Healthy Home, we never saw another bug. We appreciated your proffesionalism and prompt service but most importantly, we appreciate that we are no longer bothered by those dreaded bedbugs. Unlike the previous companies we used, A Healthy Home guaranteed their treatments which gave me peace of mind. Thank you again!


-Howard and Kimberly D.


After I brought home some unwanted friends (bed bugs) from a camp, I gave David a call and I was immediately

put at ease.


He took the time to explain what and how bed bugs work, and his method of treatment. His friendly service went above and beyond what any other company could offer. 


-Monica C.


For years I have been waking up with a stuffy nose and sleepy eyes and thought nothing of it until you did the beds.


I now breathe freely in the night, no longer suffering from a dry mouth or sore throat. I now get a full nights comfortable sleep.




-Mr. R. Guild

I am writing to you to let you know how delighted I have been with the service. I first used you over 6 months ago and at the time was plagued with morning sneezes.


The benefit was immediate. I had no sneezing (of that kind) for 6 months. Then just over 6 months later I started sneezing and called on your services again. The immediate success was repeated.


-Ms. A. Jacobson

Great work! David the owner explained everything to me and considering the service the price was very reasonable compared to other companies.


If you have bed bugs this is the only place to go!






-Martin Katz

Please let us know what you think of our service!

Generally I find that I am very red eyed in the mornings, coughing & blowing my nose a lot.


Since the special hoovering of the bed these symptoms have virtually disappeared.


-Mr. I Preston

Zak's eczema started to improve almost immediately, and after 1 week had disappeared altogether.


After four weeks, it has not returned.



-Mrs. J Hassell

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