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How A Healthy Home Started

A Healthy Home began 10 years ago when Jeremy, my son, decided to move out of our home. A life long allergy sufferer, we had tried everything: shots, inhaler, “anti-allergen” covers. None of them worked. For 15 years, he woke up and spent the first-hour coughing, sneezing, and blowing his nose. Trying to clear his throat and sinuses. He was allergic to dust mites. 

I began to research a way to solve his problem and found the Hygienitech Cleaning and Sanitizing method. Their method was simple and effective.


The Hygienitech method worked so well that I decided to become a dealer and introduce the Washington area to the benefits of having a clean, sanitized bed. By using a completely dry method, there is no residue that might be harmful to pets or kids, and you can have your bed cleaned today and sleep in it tonight.

After several months of cleaning beds, we began to get calls from people requesting help with Bed bug invasions in their homes. We have developed an effective, eco-friendly, and organic method to rid your home of these annoying pests without using pesticides which can be harmful to your health and to the health of your family and pets.

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